Grow your lettings business with these 5 top tips

Grow your lettings business with these 5 top tips

Grow your lettings business with these top 5 tips


Winning the business at a listing appointment is an extremely rewarding experience. We want to help you do this more often and while we could go on all day about hints and tips, we have done our best to narrow these down to 5! So, whether you are just starting out, or have been going to listing appointments for the last 20 years, we hope this article brings your attention to some useful hints to set you apart from the crowd!


Tip # 1 – Video texts

A simple but highly effective way you can build rapport early with a potential new client is by sending a video SMS. We get it, not many people like jumping in front of a camera but trust us when we say this will pay off! A short selfie video no more than 30s long introducing yourself and confirming either the appointment you just booked, or summarising what you just spoke about with a potential landlord, is a sure fire way to ensure you are remembered – especially if they are shopping around! 


Tip # 2 – Send an invitation 

Not many people do it and it is so simple and takes a nanosecond – send a calendar invite. Once you have your listing appointment booked part of that booking process should be sending a calendar invite straight to the landlord within minutes of getting off the phone. Doing things like this demonstrate your efficiency, professionalism and help build on the authenticity of your expertise. Your competitors won’t be doing this and if they are I can guarantee it won’t be happening consistently. All very obvious things, but not something everyone thinks to do. A simple straightforward task that will set you apart from the crowd. 


Tip # 3 – Video market report 

Before you have even stepped foot in the property you will have done some research, nowadays it takes 10 minutes to compile a quick slideshow video on most smartphones. Get creative with this. Think about the information this potential new client may find useful to know. Examples of stats to include might be the average days on market for their suburb, the average rental value for their area, demographic statistics for the area, examples of properties your agency has rented that are similar in the past 3 months. A good time to send this might be the day before the appointment as a courtesy reminder, kill two birds with one stone and provide value at the same time. 


Tip # 4 – Know your stats 

Arrive prepared, do your research and know your stats. Demonstrating your value through workable case studies will be key to your success. Think about comparable properties you have dealt with in the past and what the results were for those landlords. Do you know your average rental amount each month? What about your individual days on market stats? Your office’s rental arrears percentage for the month? Think about what is important to this particular landlord and meet their concerns with a proven track record backed up with stats and you can’t go wrong. 


Tip # 5 – Thank you for your time 

It’s nice to be nice and thanking a prospective landlord is no exception. A nice way to do this is by using a handwritten branded thank you card. Watch out though for branded envelopes, we don’t recommend using these, try a brightly coloured envelope instead, for example our branding colour is Orange so we might use plain Orange envelopes, this will peek curiosity and prevent your thank you card from going in the bin with the junk mail. A handwritten personalised note thanking them for the opportunity to carry out a rental valuation will leave a great lasting impression! 


These points really are just the tip of the iceberg. Consistency is key and setting yourself apart by providing value will ensure you win the business every time


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