How agents have used technology to keep Covid-19 at bay

How agents have used technology to keep Covid-19 at bay

When was the last time you implemented a new piece of technology into your agency or office?

I bet it wasn’t that long ago, or at least it was within the last 12 months…and there’s no coincidence there. Many agents have turned to technology to help tackle the logistical obstacles Covid-19 brought with it.

We would all agree that property is a people industry. Those of us working in the industry pride ourselves on building rapport with our clients, on maintaining quality relationships and providing that hands on, tailored approach to the property journey whether it is a landlord, vendor, tenant or buyer we are dealing with. You can therefore imagine the impact the first lockdown had and the panic some agents may have felt. 

Fast forward now to lockdown 3.0… I know, I wish as much as you do no such thing existed but unfortunately this is where we find ourselves. A world where “the new normal” isn’t feeling new or temporary anymore. With this being said, there is always a silver lining and the response agents have taken to adapt and adjust to Covid-19 has been nothing short of remarkable.

This pandemic has pushed people to get creative with solutions, whether that be virtual viewings and appointments, remote working or new procedures to keep everyone safe. One such example was a piece of video work one of our users put together a few weeks ago explaining the new Covid safe sale process for potential new buyers. A smart piece of work, which I would bet wouldn’t have been produced without the prompt of the mass change of circumstances we all now find ourselves in. 

Covid-19 has literally catapulted the property industry into the future and has pressed the “fast-forward” button on pieces of technology we may not have seen so widely used or so often. It would be fair to say that even when things return to a somewhat normal state that a lot of these new technologies that have been implemented will be here to stay. We touched on it briefly in our article towards the end of last year and trust me it still isn’t old news! You can read that article here

Has your agency adapted, or are you still working the way you were pre-Covid?

If you are in the minority of agencies that haven’t seen much change then now is the time to take action to stay ahead of the curve. Consumer habits are changing as a result of the increase in pace with technology and property. While it’s important that agent’s are aware of these changes, what’s even more important is how you stay on top of them to ensure they are a manageable long term solution… and that’s the tricky bit! A shiny new piece of software or technology is great but the key here is long term strategy. Although Covid-19 prompted many to implement new technologies, just like this pandemic, we don’t think they are going anywhere any time soon, so longevity is key here.  

Some agents have embraced the remote working strategy with lots of energy. There are a vast range of solutions available now which can assist you with virtual diary management, virtual viewings, virtual appointments and the list goes on, thus making the move from high street office to home office a smooth one, and perhaps a move that many may not return from or at least not full time anyway. It does beg the question, will most agencies return to a fully staffed office for 38 hours per week or will new working schedules and styles be born out of what the last 12 months has brought our way? I think it will be a mixed bag. Not everyone will return to the office full time and not everyone will stay at home, but what we can expect is a different perspective than what we had before when it comes to working environments.

If you haven’t noticed yet, video is huge right now! With so much weight riding on face to face appointments and conversations in the property industry it has been a key piece of technology that was already steadily gaining pace even before Covid-19. However with the changes we have seen over the last 12 months, they have only served to increase this pace even further. Video is being used for nearly every aspect of business now, whether that be a video call or a video viewing or like our users mentioned above, an educational video. Other examples are the increase in webinars, live Q&As and video messaging which has also been on the rise and of course team meetings and video calls between staff. Where would we be without Zoom? It doesn’t bear thinking about! 

We’re running a big conference next week for agents explaining how we can help.
Only joking, of course we’re not. But if you’d like a Zoom meeting or a call to understand how our simple, powerful software can help you to adapt to Covid, we’d love to talk.

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