Local lockdowns reveal benefits of cloud working

Local lockdowns reveal benefits of cloud working

Local lockdowns reveal benefits of cloud working

Many of us have been affected by Covid-19 but some certainly more than others. At the start of this how easy was it for you or your business to adapt? Some might say they had the systems already in place and it was as easy as 1..2..3, but unfortunately for others, the change was not as seamless. 


It would be fair to say that those with cloud-based solutions in place have had a significant headstart when it comes to adapting to the changes Covid-19 has brought about. Working from home certainly has its challenges, but the majority of the UK population would now say that their preference is to work from home moving forward where possible. So where does this leave us?


Are the tools and processes that we have currently in place a suitable long-term solution, or do these need tweaked? 


A recent poll showed that at least 40% of people are continuing to work from home. Could this be a result of the local lockdowns, or that the benefits of working from home outweigh those of working in the office? Perhaps a hybrid approach is the way forward? 


While the Government is keen to see staff returning to the office to prevent any further economic decline it begs the question; are we moving into a new technological era? What were once office-based roles with mountains of paperwork and files are now fully accessible on a hand held device. 


The Property Industry in particular is interesting, we have the tools and the processes in place to work from home but do video sessions cut it? We do have to consider the impact of reduced face-to-face contact in an industry where interpersonal skills are key. Can these skills be put to good use through a screen? That is certainly food for thought. 


If the recent local lockdowns have shown us anything it’s that once you have your cloud-working processes and tools in place it really is an easy swap. With restrictions changing constantly overnight, those with their cloud-working processes on point will be feeling comfortable with most changes that may come their way…whatever those may be! 

Contact us to discuss how Tilt Origin can provide your staff with the tools and data they need, regardless of their work location!


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