Origin in July: Tenant expense income, Trouble Ticket branding, and more…

Origin in July: Tenant expense income, Trouble Ticket branding, and more…

Here are some of the features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped in July.

Tenant expense income

The income received in relation to tenant expenses is sometimes due to the letting agency and on other occasions to the landlord, such as when the tenant has caused damage within the property. Previously the process for allocating the income to the landlord was somewhat convoluted. Going forward when adding a new tenant expense the option exists to define the income recipient: either the agency or the landlord. In the case of the latter, funds subsequently received in relation to the expense will result in a credit to the landlord balance and appear in the Income section of landlord statements.

Trouble ticket branding

Your business / agency logo can now appear in the printable version of the Trouble Ticket / job sheet that is sent to suppliers. You can upload your logo via Admin -> Maintenance Settings within your Solo or Origin account.

Tenant statement improvements

We’ve applied some improvements to the layout tenant statements to enhance readability:

  • Where debits, such as rents due or tenant expenses, occur on the same day as payments from the tenant, then the debits will be listed first.
  • Any outstanding fees or expenses will be summarised at the top of the printable version of the tenant statement sent to tenants.


For full details of all updates each month, check out the Release Notes section of the Origin / Solo product helpdesk.


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