Tilt x RentProfile Webinar Series: The Integration

Tilt x RentProfile Webinar Series: The Integration

Tilt x RentProfile Webinar Series

The final episode. In this strange year letting agents, like everyone else, have had to adopt new and novel pieces of PropTech. Some, were out of necessity. I talk of course of the dreaded and hate-inspiring Zoom. Others were adopted initially from necessity but quickly opened agents’ eyes to a new way of doing things. A way of doing things that will be taken forward to post-Covid days; if there is such a thing. This new way of doing things is the subject matter of the final episode of the Tilt and RentProfile webinar series. The integration.

Curran McKay, the Commercial Lead at RentProfile and Conor O’Farrell, one of the Business Development Executives at Tilt, will talk through how the integration works.

The integration shows how agents can, in a one-stop-shop, use Origin and RentProfile to carry-out in-depth and extensive tenant checks before managing said tenancies in powerful, easy-to-use software that, quite simply, works.

Why tune in?

So who are Tilt and RentProfile? And why should I bother tuning in at all?

I understand your suspicion, and believe me, I have sat through enough useless lectures/webinars to know how boring they can be. We promise that this will be different. If you have watched the first two episodes then hopefully you agree. If not, why not check them out here on our YouTube channel. 


Also, there may or may not be some sort of giveaway for attendees….

Who are Tilt and RentProfile? And how do I register?

OK, so who have we got here? Let’s start with RentProfile. Having burst onto the PropTech scene in 2016, RentProfile saw a real need for not only faster tenant referencing, but tenant referencing that worked. RentProfile’s in-depth tests and transparent reporting methods allow for agents to make more informed decisions about who they take onboard. With exciting developments ongoing with their new “Onboarding” tech, they are most definitely one to watch.

Chances are, if you are reading this you already know a little bit about Tilt and our Origin software. If not, let me tell you. Now, we aren’t ones to blow our own trumpet, so I’ll keep this brief. Founded in 2004, we were one of the first movers into the PropTech sphere, and when people say you can’t teach experience, they’re right. Our Origin software doesn’t have the flashy gimmicks that you use once before they break. What it does have is an extremely robust and logical way of doing things, that quite simply, works.

So tune in and perhaps learn something, or use the ramblings of two players in the PropTech industry to spark your own ideas. The link is below, enjoy and see you there!

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