Webinar 4 – Increasing your profits by working smarter not harder. Tilt Origin, VaVaVoom and Inspect Real Estate

Webinar 4 – Increasing your profits by working smarter not harder. Tilt Origin, VaVaVoom and Inspect Real Estate

The Webinar and Panelists

It’s time again for another installment of the Tilt Origin webinar series, this time our Business Development Executive, Conor O’Farrell will be sitting down with Colin Moran of Property People/VaVaVoom and Andrew Jack of Inspect Real Estate on the 12th of March at 11 am.

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The topic of discussion this time will be to outline how letting agents and property managers can increase their profits by leveraging a new variety of services available to the industry.

As we approach the hopeful start of that old-normal we miss so much, the time has come to decide what technologies or services will be taken forward. I am sure everyone, in equal parts sees the benefits of Zoom but hopes that its usage drops off slightly. Lockdown has made almost every business look internally, to analyse its processes and decide what could be improved and what could be dropped. That is the aim of this installment of the series, to show how using a new suite of services, can allow agents to streamline their operating models and subsequently increase their profits.

If you’ve seen the other episodes in our series you know what to expect, and if not why not check out the last episode we did with the exciting company, RentProfile. In this episode, Conor and RentProfile’s Commerical Lead, Curran McKay, talked through the exciting integration between themselves and Tilt’s Origin software. They explored how it forms a seamless link between pre and post tenancy management.

This time, Conor, Colin, and Andrew will explore how letting agencies can streamline their operations, using services provided by Inspect Real Estate, VaVaVoom and Origin.

Who is taking part?

Inspect Real Estate, specialise in diary/lead management and landlord growth, and have helped thousands of sales and lettings agents grow their businesses across Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland. Their solutions aim to reduce the headache of qualifying and diarising leads and viewings. They have processed over 80 million enquires across the world and leverage the ever-increasing level of consumer data to allow agents to automate where possible within their business.

VaVaVoom, represented by Colin, is an outsourcing company that is leveraged by agents across the globe. They are expanding into the UK and Irish markets, bringing with them all the benefits of skilled outsourcing. Every agent has jobs they think anyone could do, so why not let them? VaVaVoom provides you with access to skilled virtual assistants that spend time learning your business needs to undertake delegated tasks at the highest possible quality. The range of tasks they can complete at the highest quality is immense, check it out here.

If you are reading this you are probably aware of Tilt’s Origin software, and our policy on self-promotion. We don’t really go in for it. If you are unaware let me fill you in, Origin is a complete property management system. It has been developed from over 14 years of industry experience and boasts an extremely well-thought and logical way of working. Its robustness makes it the perfect solution for hundreds of agents across the UK, whether you want to manage ten or ten thousand properties, Origin can help you reduce time spent on admin and focus on growth.

When is it and how do I sign-up?

I’m glad you asked, the webinar, like all things these days, will be delivered via Zoom. Taking place at 11 am on Friday the 12th of March. The guys will talk through how agents can work smarter in these difficult times and touch on a whole range of useful tips and tricks. There may also be an offer or two made to attendees.

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